How To Setup Custom Domain

STEP 1: Register a account and purchase your domain

STEP 2: Register a account, add your domain at "Add Site" and select "Free Plan"

STEP 3: In Cloudflare overview, find Nameservers and copy both nameservers

STEP 4: In Namecheap domain list, find NAMESERVERS select "Custom DNS" 

STEP 5: Paste both nameservers and click the green tick to save

STEP 6: In Cloudflare DNS, put in IPv4 address and click save

STEP 7: In Cloudflare SSL/TLS, select "FULL" as your encryption mode 

STEP 8: Add your domain and custom index URL in your Splfys account (Top Menu: Domain)

Custom index URL:
*Redirect to a specific URL when visitors click your domain

After finishing all above steps, please notify us by sending a message Click Here

After we have approved the domain in our system, then you can proceed with using your domain for your webpage.

Last updated on: 26 February, 2021